Taking the life-changing love of Jesus into every neighborhood.

We break that down in this way:

Each of us is equipped to go out with the truth and love of Jesus.

The Life-Changing
People are being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit inside and outside the church.

Love of Jesus
The good news of salvation through Jesus Christ is shared in word and deed.

Into Every Neighborhood
We reach out to anyone with physical, emotional or spiritual needs, especially those in our own geographical realm of influence.

A Deeper Look

This is how we live out our vision to
Take the Life-Changing Love of Jesus Into Every Neighborhood:
Great questions to ask are "Where am I in this process?" and "What is my next step?"

Sunday Worship is a time to get together as a church family to worship Jesus, hear preaching from the Bible and connect with each other. Our desire is to introduce people to Jesus at these times through meaningful, dynamic worship, clear understandable preaching and provide an opportunity each week for people to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Summit Growth Track is a three session basic introduction to the ministry of Highland Church and will help you understand essentials of faith.  The Summit Track continues with ongoing discipleship groups like "Stronger," "Rooted" and "Bearing Fruit." These classes are foundational for everyone who chooses to become a member at Highland Church.


Church is more than what we do on Sunday mornings. Church is who we are and how we live our lives for Jesus, seven days a week.

Being a part of Highland means creating genuine relationships with people who will laugh with us, pray with us and grow with us as we live life, together. 


Serving Team includes everything from running the soundboard, greeting people at the front door, worshiping God with teenagers to reaching out to our community. Highland Church has a vast majority of our members involved in ministering through our serving team. We believe God has called us to all be involved in ministry through the local church, in some way.