It all began in a tent.  After a series of tent services in 1929, Mamie Wallace opened up her home for several families to come together and pray.  Shortly thereafter, these families invited an Assemblies of God pastor to come preach to them.  Within the next couple years, the little church moved to a storefront that was used as a butcher shop.  It wasn’t much later that the church got their very first building, a refurbished barn at 1236 Church Street, known as Stevens Point Gospel Tabernacle.


God worked in the church in great ways and, as the Lord blessed, the congregation continued to grow.  In 1959, the whole church building was moved several blocks down Church Street to its new home.  While there, the church changed it’s name to Stevens Point Assembly of God.  Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the building was renovated and remodeled to accommodate the growing number of believers that were meeting together.


In 1982, it was clear to the congregation and leadership that God had even bigger plans for them.  They purchased 16 acres on Hoover Avenue and, in the fall of 1987 First Assembly of God opened its new doors wide to the city of Stevens Point and the surrounding community.

On occasion through the years, God used some rocky times to stretch, test and strengthen faith within the church. Then, in 2004, God raised up a leader to take the church forward.  Pastor Dan Winkelman became the senior pastor and with new vision and dreams came a new name.  In 2006, the church became Highland Church.


God continues to feed new vision, dreams and life to the leaders and congregation of Highland Church.  From the beginnings in Mamie Wallace’s living room to the beautiful building at 700 Hoover Avenue, God’s favor and blessings have been on this church through struggles and amazing times of rejoicing.  Even as we treasure our past, we look forward to the future God has planned for us.


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